Making this school year ‘zen’

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I don’t know about you, but back to school time is never a smooth transition.  To start with, you always have several depressed people in the house to contend with (typically the kids) but often parents too, who are dreading packing lunches, waking grumpy students, and forfeiting their free time to the carpool lane.  No one is quite ready for the discipline that comes with studying and preparing for the next day either.   Not to mention, there’s all the confusion that comes with beginning anything new – what you forgot, overlooked or were in denial about.   But I recently ran into someone, who knows how to replace all that mayhem with a little bit of  Zen.

Angela Chee, Founder of has some great ideas on how to get back on schedule, eliminate the morning madness and clear the clutter that goes hand in hand with school.  The first week alone is full of an onslaught of paperwork comparable to the federal government’s annual budget.  She suggests one way to streamline is by simply designating one email to all things related to school.    Another is to pre-prepare lunches and snacks, that’s right “pre” comes before prepare.  That’s how much of a headstart she suggests you get, to keep things calm.   She even advises creating a “zen zone”.  To learn more on how to do that, be sure to watch the video below.

She also has some wonderful ideas on how to archive all those endless pieces of irreplaceable art kids will be bringing home to parents.  Apps can also give you an edge and so can visual family calendars that spell out your day and week ahead.

Most of all, she says don’t be hard on yourself.  Tips are meant to inspire you to take action and get organized.  I like to say, they’re not words to live by…but words that’ll help you live!

Now may that life you’re designing be full of “zen” as we dive head on into a new school year full of promise, enlightenment and achievements both big and small.

Now grab that number 2 pencil – we have a lot to do.

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