Luxury townhomes may be built on Oceanside cemetery grounds

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OCEANSIDE, Calif. – The plan to build luxury townhomes in Oceanside has run into some opposition. The complaints aren’t over how tall the buildings are or what they will look like — instead, the controversy is over what may be underneath them.

“I’m very concerned,” said Shelley Hayes Caron, who has ties to the area that date back to the early 1800s. Hayes Caron said the property sits adjacent to Oceanview Cemetery, which has also been around since the 1800s.

“I have 22 family members buried [there],” Hayes Caron said.

She noted that the property hasn’t always been under the best management in the past century and that the landscape and shape of the plot has changed. She now wonders if the land next door, where developers plan to build, has bodies buried beneath it.

“Oh yes, I’m sure that there are graves where the markers have been removed,” she said. “I think there are interned people in coffins on the exterior of the fence line.”

Hayes Caron wants the project developer, The LightFoot Planning Group, to pay to have the ground scanned by radar. “It’s not a smoking gun, but it’s a good lead on where to start looking,” Mike Mattingly with Advanced Radar Technology, Inc., said. “It depends on how dense the ground is. There’s certain parts of San Diego where I can see 6 inches, other parts 5 or 6 feet.”

Mattingly walked back and forth in the FOX 5 parking lot to demonstrate what the radar display shows. “I see an image in here and it give me a little hyperbola,” he said. “That could be something that I want to investigate further.”

FOX 5 made contact with the project development team who stated they are fully committed to using the ground penetrating radar survey as a condition to the project.


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