Lucky lamb walks away from car crash

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ESCONDIDO, Calif. — A 12-day-old lamb was shaken but not seriously injured Thursday night when the vehicle she was in was involved in a car crash in Escondido.

The lamb, named Mayballine,  was riding in her cage in the back of an SUV when it was hit by a car Thursday night. It happened at the intersection of Mission Avenue and Fig Street.

Police said there is major damage to the SUV, but Maybelline’s owner, Pamela Glickman, said the lamb was not seriously injured.

“She looks like she’s doing fine. She was definitely shaken up, but with a warm hug and warm milk, I think she’s doing OK,” Glickman said.

Glickman is a veterinarian and was on her way back from an animal rescue when the accident happened.

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