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SAN DIEGO — A local woman with a rare blood disorder is desperate to find a new kidney, so she posted a sign on the back of her car hoping to find a donor.

The sign is what Teri Sampson of Linda Vista calls “desperate measures.”

“Looking for a kidney,  ha ha ha!” she said.

Sampson has a genetic blood condition which has caused both of her kidneys to fail. She says she is doing all she can to stay positive but is worried that she is running out of time.

“Couple months, another year things could get even worse for me,” Sampson said.

She has Type B-negative blood. Only 2 percent of the U.S. population matches that type,  which makes it even more difficult to find a compatible kidney.

Each day, in order to live and work, Sampson hooks up to a dialysis machine. It allows her to get through each day, but her health is on her mind every moment.

“I’ve been on the waiting list for three and a half years, but I do have one of the rare blood types so the wait is about 10 to 11 years. So I’m trying everything I can think of reach out to anybody who might be willing,” Sampson said.

Teri first turned to family and friends, they she asked for help on social media with no luck. So she decided to try her hand at advertising on the back of her car in hopes that it might just get someone’s attention.

“It’s out there. It’s just finding someone that matches,” she said.

And the sign is getting some attention. Sampson said she has received a few emails from people who saw her car billboard. People have even taken photos of the sign and posted them on Facebook.  But it has been on the back of her car for a year and she still hasn’t found a donor. At the very least, she hopes her attempt to find a kidney will help increase awareness about the need for kidney donors.

“This morning a lady from North Carolina just asked me about it. So hopefully it helps somebody somewhere, even if it’s not me,” said Sampson.

Anyone interested in donating to Sampson can contact Sampson by email at

For more information on becoming a kidney donor go to the National Kidney Foundation.