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SAN DIEGO — County health officials announced Monday they were ordering all bars to close and all restaurants to restrict service to delivery, pick-up, and drive-through only.

In Pacific Beach, restaurant owners were already anticipating more restrictions and had been discussing Monday whether or not they would close or try to remain open. However after the new restrictions were announced many restaurants announced they were closing.

“It’s all new. This is a whole new territory,” said Thomas Winn, owner of Duck Dive in Pacific Beach. “It’s something we’ve never dealt with.”

Winn told FOX 5 he decided with his management team to close the restaurant indefinitely. Still, he expressed concerned for his employees.

“They’ve got to pay rent. They’ve got to pay bills. They’ve got to buy groceries — all that kind of stuff,” said Winn.

Those concerns are shared by many restaurant employees who are faced with an uncertain future.

“I don’t foresee this going past maybe a month, six weeks tops. But obviously, if they shut everything down and it’s just the basic necessities like pharmacies, gas stations, grocery stores, all that kind of deal… we might all be on an extended break,” Winn said.