SANTEE, Calif. — A large group of people showed up to the city council demanding the YMCA’s closure after a 17-year-old girl complained about seeing a transgender woman in the woman’s locker room.  

“Our movement is growing, and we are going to have to pick sides now,” said one activist to members of the Santee City Council.

The teen’s complaint was lodged a month ago sparking large scale protests at the Cameron Family YMCA.

The transgender woman told FOX 5 she has fully transitioned and has no male anatomy.

Activists came in from all over the county, coming from as far as Bakersfield to lodge their complaints.

“We are calling on the council to terminate the lease with the Cameron YMCA, as keeping society grounded in reality truth and logic, is more important than anything the YMCA has to offer,” said another Conservative activist to the City Council.

City officials did not alter their position on the YMCA but did say they are working with the Y to provide more private showers. The Y is also planning on enacting a no nudity policy in the common areas of the locker rooms.

“Our job as a council is to create policy that makes sure that everyone is protected equally under the law,” Santee Mayor John Minto said.