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SAN DIEGO — A woman was rescued Sunday after becoming trapped headfirst in a chimney in San Diego’s Paradise Hills neighborhood for nearly an hour, fire officials said.

San Diego police received reports just before 5 p.m. of a domestic issue at a home on Alleghany Street and Flintridge Drive, San Diego Fire-Rescue Department Battalion Chief Tommy Charpentier told OnScene.TV.

While officers were responding to the scene, Charpentier said police got an updated report that someone had became lodged inside the chimney, prompting police to request for fire rescue resources.

“When we had crews first arrive at scene, we did confirm that she was stuck headfirst with her feet up in the chimney, about midway down,” Charpentier told OnScene.TV. “Her head was approximately six feet off the ground and she was eight or ten feet from the top of the chimney.”

Fire officials said rescue crews put a plan into place and started working from multiple angles of the home.

“We had crews inside that were attempting to breach the wall to access her, as well as crews go to the roof of the house and use a tripod and a rope and a winch system,” Charpentier said. “And that’s how we ended up getting her out, pulling her up out the top of the chimney and then putting her into a basket to bring her safely down off the roof.”

The woman was removed from the chimney after 30 minutes and taken to a local hospital, where her condition was unknown.

Charpentier explained to OnScene.TV that the incident wasn’t a typical situation for the first responders, but that it was a coordinated effort between rescue departments from Chula Vista and National City as well as San Diego police. He said some of the challenges they faced were to work quickly to remove the woman from the chimney, ensuring the victim’s condition didn’t worsen and remove her without harm.

No information was released on how or why the woman ended up in the chimney.