VISTA, Calif. — A 32-year-old woman was sentenced Thursday to two years probation after calling in a false bomb threat to San Marcos Elementary School in February.

Marie Kim faced a judge in a Vista courtroom Thursday and plead guilty through a plea deal, but the question of what her motive was still remains.

“We actually don’t know why. Maybe in her mind she thought she might have been helping, maybe it was malicious. We actually do not know,” Vincent Chen, District Attorney Prosecutor said. “All we know is she made the call, we know that it was a false call, she knows it was a false call. That’s why she was here today, that’s why she plead guilty and she was sentenced.”

“You set off a chain of events that put a lot of different parents and teachers in turmoil,” Judge of the Superior Court of San Diego County Daniel Link said to Kim in the courtroom.

Chen said Kim did not have any connection to the school.

Kim was arrested two weeks after the threat when police said they responded to a call for an argument on Twin Oaks Valley Road and recognized Kim.

She apologized to the judge Thursday.

“I accept responsibility and I apologize for any disturbances I may have unintentionally caused,” Kim said.

The fake threat caused a real emergency response as authorities from three jurisdictions spent hours searching the school’s campus to ensure there was no active threat. Hundreds of students were moved to San Marcos Middle School during the investigation.

“We live in a world where there are heightened sensitivities in regards to our children being threatened,” Chen added. “This is a very real threat and so obviously when persons such as Ms. Kim come, they make this fake or false report, it’ll cause a reaction in the community, it’ll cause a reaction in police, that’s what heightens this to a level of a felony.”

Kim will also need to pay restitution to several authorities, but an exact figure hasn’t yet been determined.