SAN DIEGO — A 63-year-old woman was scalped with a sword at a park in the City Heights neighborhood early Tuesday, and police are still searching for the assailant, authorities said.

Authorities said the attack happened around 1:30 a.m. at Officer Jeremy Henwood Memorial Park. The woman walked about a block to a Starbucks with a 24-hour drive-thru, where people saw her and called 911. The victim described the sword as several feet in length.

“Obviously very concerned if this is a random and unprovoked attack, very concerning to us, and I’m sure the community is concerned as well,” Lt. Adam Sharki with the San Diego Police Department said.

The incident happened across the street from San Diego Police Department’s Mid-City Division.

“Obviously seeing those kinds of injuries, traumatic for the person receiving it, traumatic for the witnesses who are trying to help her, and for the first responders, they tend to injured people all the time and it’s still unsettling to see those kinds of severe injuries,” Sharki said.

Detectives with SDPD were seen at the park again Tuesday afternoon continuing their investigation.

“Anybody driving by who might’ve seen something, anybody in the neighborhood with a Ring camera, anybody who knows anything at all — it’s an assault with a deadly weapon, potentially an attempted murder investigation, so we need to get to the bottom of that and get somebody who is dangerous off the streets,” Sharki said.

SDPD asked anyone with information to contact police or CrimeStoppers to remain anonymous.

“The best description we have of the suspect at this point is a younger Black male, 35-ish years old, tall, thin build, wearing blue jeans and waving some kind of a sword,” Sharki added.