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CHULA VISTA, Calif. — A woman was killed and two kids hurt when a street racer, driving on the wrong side of the road, ran a red light and slammed into their car head-on, Chula Vista Police Department says.

Witnesses told police they saw two drivers racing each other at high speeds and traveling west on L Street at about 6 p.m. Saturday, Chula Vista police said in a news release Sunday. One of the racing vehicles — a silver Ford Mustang — ran a red light in the wrong lane and crashed into an oncoming Nissan Altima at the intersection of L Street and Third Avenue.

The woman driving was killed and her two child passengers were hurt, authorities said. A man who witnessed the crash jumped into action, helping pull them out of the wreck.

Steven Dominguez told OnScene.TV he was delivering pizzas when he heard the loud crash. As he made his way toward the cars, he realized there were kids still in the backseat of the victim’s Altima.

“There were two kids in the back of the car, they were screaming — they wanted to get out of the car,” said Dominguez, who guessed they were about nine and 12 years old. “The first thing I thought of was getting the kids out, so I grabbed the door, yanked it a couple times. It wouldn’t budge (but) I kept trying. I got that door open.”

The delivery driver said the older boy had blood running down his face and appeared in shock, so he helped him sit at a safe distance until paramedics arrived. Dominguez said it appears the boys lost their grandmother, who the younger child was anxiously asking about. “He kept asking, ‘Is my grandma OK? Is my grandma OK?'” Dominguez said.

Police confirmed the boys were taken to a hospital for medical attention, but further details on their conditions were not released as of Sunday morning.

“This is very sad. I really feel for the boys,” Dominguez told OnScene.TV. “Thank God they’re OK. I hope they have family. Just very unfortunate.”

By the time he had helped the boys, Dominguez said multiple other witnesses had arrived and were pointing officers to the Mustang, saying they had been driving recklessly. The alleged driver of that car was arrested after receiving medical attention, police said, but they are now on the lookout for the other street racer.

The other vehicle was described as a 2014 or newer white Subaru WRX, a sports car. Officers had not tracked down the driver as of Sunday morning. Anyone with information about the vehicle was asked to contact CVPD at 619-409-3817.

The victim’s and arrested driver’s names were not immediately released.

The collision was one of at least five major wrong-way crashes in San Diego County this week. On Friday, two San Diego Police detectives were killed by a head-on crash on the freeway in San Ysidro. Others were reported in Carmel Valley, Fallbrook and Spring Valley.