SAN DIEGO — A sheriff’s deputy hit a woman driving a Ford Mustang as he tried to respond to an emergency call in the South Bay Wednesday, officials said.

The deputy had his lights and siren on as he drove the patrol car east on Coronado Avenue past Hollister Street and an Interstate 5 off-ramp, according to a San Diego County Sheriff’s Department news release.

The deputy stopped at the intersection around 5:15 p.m., saw that traffic was yielding to him, and then drove through, according to the official narrative from authorities. At that point, a 34-year-old woman driving a white Ford Mustang pulled off the off-ramp. The deputy hit the Mustang’s passenger side.

The woman told authorities that she hurt her back in the crash, and she was taken to the hospital for treatment, the sheriff’s department said. The deputy was unhurt, but his vehicle was wrecked and had to be towed away. A tow truck also hauled away the woman’s Mustang.

Officers with the San Diego Police Department will investigate the collision. While their probe is not complete, alcohol and drugs were not considered factors in the collision, the sheriff’s department said.