SAN DIEGO — The famous “San Diego Chicken” joined FOX 5 Thursday to talk about the mascot’s history as well as the Padres postseason run.

Ted Giannoulas, who plays the “San Diego Chicken,” has performed in 50 states, eight countries and over 900 locations. His character has made over 6,000 appearances and has worn out over 100 chicken suits.

But how did he get his start?

Giannoulas says it all began while he was studying at San Diego State University in 1974.

“A representative from KGB Radio was looking for a two-week promotion just to dress somebody up in a chicken suit to go to the (San Diego) zoo and give away candy Easter eggs,” Giannoulas said. “So I volunteered on the spot, they hired me, no interview, no job application, not even an audition.”

With the Padres opening up their first season under ex-owner Ray Kroc, Giannoulas says he went to the game in his getup and the team let him in.

“I started comforting in the grandstands and the fans had a lot of fun, and the rest is history,” he said.

In 2005, the “San Diego Chicken” was elected to the Mascot Hall of Fame.

“I attribute my success to the fans laughter and energy. They put me on the map. Everything I did throughout the decades, they loved it and elevated me with their laughter. I was born in the grandstand and that’s why I represent the San Diego fans,” Giannoulas said.

When it comes to the Padres this year, the “San Diego Chicken” is excited and has high hopes for the team’s future.

“This is an underdog team, they know how to play when it’s time, very exciting to see,” Giannoulas said.