SAN DIEGO — San Diego, Chula Vista, La Mesa and now Encinitas residents and businesses can opt for a cleaner and, in some cases, less expensive electricity from San Diego Community Power.

Cody Hooven, chief operating officer for SDCP, says their company is a community choice aggregate for electricity that provides “cleaner electricity.”

“So we are 50% renewable on our base products, which is much higher than SDG&E offers and we always aim to be cost-competitive with them. So right now we are actually 1 to 2% lower cost for the electricity, so it’s cleaner and a little bit lower cost,” Hooven said.

Community Choice Energy programs were approved by the state in 2002, with San Diego being the last region to get on board. There’s been some confusion due to slow rollout of city-by-city for the SDCP and the simple mailers letting folks know they’re here.

“We still partner with SDG&E, so they still deliver the power and we partner with them also on billing so customers still only receive one bill — they’ll just see a new line item with our name on there,” Hooven said.

In order to stay with SDG&E, consumers have to opt-out. Right now, SDCP is seeing more than a 95% participation rate. They offer a base product that is 50% renewable, or customers can buy up.

“To our Power100 product, which is 100% renewable. The renewable power typically comes from wind, solar, and some of that’s captured through battery storage and really just allows folks to have a cleaner source of energy and it’s better for the economy, better for the environment and it’s cost-competitive,” Hooven said.

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