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SAN DIEGO – More than 1,000 skateboarders took to the streets Saturday in downtown San Diego to protest racial injustice and police brutality.

“We’re just using our platform to be able to deliver the message that Black lives matter, the systemic racism, injustice and everything,” organizer Brandon Turner said. “It’s a beautiful thing, we’re all coming together in the name of love.”

The Rolling for Rights protest was organized for the skateboard community to come together and speak out against injustice.

“I’m honestly just tired of it,” said Tyrone Olson, another organizer for the event. “I figured we could all get together cuz us skateboarders, we’re all different colors and race and Black, white, skinny, big, we’ve all been one unit for a long time so I think we get together and make this happen.”

It began in Balboa Park, with participants showing up well before the 1 p.m. start time. Organizers encouraged people to wear masks and said anyone seen agitating police would be asked to leave. But the event remained peaceful from start to finish.

“It’s just what we do,” Turner said. “We all stick together as one as the whole world is and it feels amazing. I see these friends and family at skate parks and around and we get around the city of San Diego, so I’m not surprised because it’s what we do is show up.”

The crowd took a knee as speeches were given. Then at 2 p.m. the main event began. A sea of skaters were seen taking the journey from Sixth Avenue through downtown, ending in Embarcadero, all the while spreading a message of justice and unity.

“I’m so over this hate,” Olson said. There’s no room for hate; it’s easier to love people. I’m tired of crying for weeks on end. I’m just, I’ve got family back in Wisconsin wondering how I’m doing and I’m wondering how they’re doing.

“Just the whole world is upset so I feel like it’s time for change.”