SAN DIEGO — While travelers continue to deal with delayed and cancelled flights out of San Diego International Airport, some may be wondering what compensation they could get for their inconvenience.

According to the Department of Transportation’s website, under the airline customers service dashboard, U.S. airlines have promised certain accommodations for cancelled or delayed flights.

Click here to view the DOT’s airline customer service dashboard.

Passengers have told FOX 5 about their experience in being reunited with their luggage after a cancelled flight.

“I’ve been here three days in a row and I finally got my luggage,” said Frencia Roman, who has showed up for three days in a row at SAN to find her luggage after a cancelled flight from Las Vegas.

Roman said Southwest Airlines cancelled her December 22 flight from Las Vegas to San Diego twice, before she ultimately rented a car and drove home to San Diego.

Roman said the first time her flight was cancelled she was on board a plane in Las Vegas that had made it to the runway, but then returned to the gate. She left the plane, but the luggage had to stay, she said, and she was told it would make it back to San Diego.

“So your suitcase left on a plane without you?” FOX 5 asked.

“Yes, without me,” Roman answered. “I need everything, I have my medicine… my charger, my everything, my perfume, all my personal stuff in the suitcase, and presents.”

At SAN, Southwest Airlines agents are doing a manual check-in, where passengers must wait for their flight to be called before checking in.

“Air travel is unpredictable even in the best of weather,” said Wendy Patrick, FOX 5 legal analyst.

Patrick said while airlines are not federally or state-wide required to provide compensations for delayed flights, you should familiarize yourself with airline policies before the wheels go up.

“These are some of the things you’re going to things you wish you looked at on the front end,” Patrick said. “I know it’s time consuming, but it’s not as time consuming as being stranded in an airport trying to evaluate your options on the fly.”

Patrick said, when in doubt, ask and you might get more than you thought was available.

“If you are seeking compensation, rebooking a voucher, cash back, whatever it is, you’re more likely to make more mileage if you just ask, because Southwest, as well as other airlines want to accommodate passengers as best they can so you’ll stay on their frequent flyer list,” Patrick said.

“Let’s hope it’s true. I had to rent a car, had to stay one night drive home…so yes it did get more expensive than we were planning on,” Roman said.