SAN DIEGO — The West Pedestrian Facility bordering U.S. and Mexico is scheduled to be reopened for the first time in two years.

The walking path was built to ease traffic between Tijuana and San Ysidro, but was shut down during the pandemic.

“The business sides on San Ysidro, it used to be a lot of activity, it’s been slow for the last two years, first the pandemic and not being able to cross, it takes a toll,” said Jose Philipe Salcedo, a cross-border businessman.

The plan is to open “Ped-West” Monday at 6 a.m.- 2 p.m. as a limited opening.

The San Ysidro border facility underwent a $741 million redevelopment to handle the busiest border-crossing in the western hemisphere.

Travelers are uniformly happy with the idea of the pedestrian facility assisting in easy traffic wait times.

“You used to hear bad news when it comes to Tijuana and border-crossing, and I hope this is a good situation opening up again Ped-West. It’s good news for everybody,” Salcedo said.