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SAN DIEGO — The North Park Farmers Market reopened Thursday for the first time since shutting down in mid-March over COVID-19 concerns.

State officials have deemed farmers markets an essential food service. But the reopening comes with its fair share of new guidelines and enforcement to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

“We’re so excited to be here,” North Park Main Street Executive Director Angela Landsberg said. “We’re most excited because we want to provide healthy food in a safe environment for people. We just want to make sure people understand this is not an event. This is not a gathering type of thing, this isn’t a ‘bring your best friend’ and hang out for the afternoon.”

“It’s come in, get your essential items, and head on out,” Landsberg said.

The market focused heavily on safety, only letting 30 people in to shop at a time in order to prevent overcrowding.

“We are strictly enforcing six feet of distance between anyone who comes into the market,” Landsberg said. “In fact, we have sticks so we can show everybody what six feet looks like.”

Shoppers were encouraged to wear gloves and facial masks.

“It makes sense and it seems like we’re doing things right, we’re flattening the curve,” said shopper Bryan Cajamarca, who said he was excited to get his hands on fresh local produce again. “At the grocery stores, you run the risk of everyone being in close quarters, and they are doing everything they can. But me, I feel better outside. We’re in the open air and it’s just better quality stuff.”

The North Park Farmers Market will be open every Thursday from 3-6 p.m.