SAN DIEGO — Mission Beach residents woke up rattled from wind gusts that reached up to 60 miles per hour along the coast overnight.

“Last night, I literally felt like the roof was going to come off,” Dimitry Khvalabov said.

Other residents say it was a largely sleepless night due to the noise.

“Our doors start shaking, we hear glass shatter and our screens are banging on the walls,” Aidan Hite said.

Along the oceanfront walk, the damage and effects of the wind could still be seen Wednesday.

“Our barbeque rolled all the way over to the garbage cans and flipped over. The beach chairs were gone. It was definitely an event,” Khvalabov said.

A high surf advisory is also in effect until the early hours of Thursday morning.

Last month’s high surf was extreme enough to send water and sand onto the boardwalk.

Though the high surf is dying down, excessive rainfall will be the next concern countywide, with possible flooding Friday into Saturday especially for low-lying, flood-prone areas.

“All along the front walk everybody is putting up sandbags, not sure what’s going to happen,” Khvalabov said.