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CHULA VISTA, Calif. – The lawyer for Larry Millete, accused of murdering his missing wife Maya, made her case to the media that the mother of three is still alive and that she chose to leave home on her own more than nine months ago.

“We believe she is still alive, but the problem here is that the investigation of the authorities … they didn’t look for her as a person who is alive,” lawyer Bonita Martinez said at a Chula Vista courthouse Thursday. A judge had just ruled that Martinez’s client would not be eligible for bail as he continued his pre-trial hearings, “because there’s clear and convincing evidence that he’s a danger to the community.”

Martinez had argued that Larry posed no flight risk or risk of harming others, emphasizing his military service and job as an optician at the Naval Medical Training Center. While the judge had rejected her case for bail, Martinez said she was confident Larry would be cleared of his charges. She told reporters that her team believes Maya, whose body has not been found, left on her own and could still be alive.

“We don’t know her full plan, she didn’t say goodbye, she did that many times in 2020,” Martinez said. “She left her house without saying ‘I’m home’ or ‘I’m leaving’ … She wasn’t talking to anybody in the house, she left on her own (volition).”

Martinez said Maya used to go to the desert, dirtbiking or hiking alone.

“His wife was used to leaving the house in the past, and this disappearance today – doesn’t mean she is dead,” she said. “You can’t rule out that she is alive … because there is no dead body.”

In an affidavit from Detective Jesse Vicente, which formed the backbone of the Chula Vista Police Department’s arrest warrant for Larry in October, the investigator laid out an argument that Maya wouldn’t willingly abandon a successful career and her beloved children.

“May was dedicated to her career, loved her family, and she was committed to and cherished her children,” Vicente writes in the report. “There is no evidence to suggest that May left and disappeared of her own accord, or that she had the financial means to do so.”

FOX 5’s Matt Meyer contributed to this report.