OCEANSIDE, Calif. — On Saturday a benefit show fundraiser was held at the Moose Lodge in Oceanside, to support 8-year-old Leeland Korman, after he was seriously injured in a playing accident.

“All the community support has been really overwhelming and tremendous,” said Casey Sershon, Korman’s stepfather.

The community is rallying behind Leeland, through music, a silent auction with donated gifts, artworks, products and dozens of other local items.

“Perfect, it’s a wonderful feeling,” said Robin Lambresi, an artist who donated a painting to the silent auction at the benefit show.

“It’s very, I don’t have words for its great to be a part of it,” said Valri Katala, a Moose Lodge volunteer.

“To see people come together and be generous with their talents, and their products and their time and everything and their money to help out in Leeland’s recovery it just really goes a long way for us,” Sershon explained.

In January, at his brother’s birthday party, Korman bumped heads with his sister while jumping on the trampoline.

His parents said Korman’s condition worsened when he started seizing and became non-responsive. Korman ended up being airlifted to Rady Children’s Hospital for a serious brain injury.

It’s been weeks of surgeries, treatments and recoveries.

“He has significant damage to his left frontal lobe. He has what’s called a grade three DAI. That’s a diffuse axonal injury which is through his brain stem,” Sershon explained. “But we are seeing good signs.”

The fundraiser reached several important figures in Korman’s life, like his schoolteacher who attended.

“He’s part of our school family, we would do anything for family,” said Melanie Lupica, Leeland’s school teacher. “We are just hoping for a great outcome, and we are excited to have them back at school.”

Sershon said Korman is responding through his vitals, blinks, and some body movements. The family said being around the community aids in his recovery and their own.

“We like to do wrestling on the trampoline. I can’t wait to get him back and play with him again,” said Dylan Sershon, Korman’s brother.

“We are optimistic in Leeland’s recovery; we want to stay positive. When he comes through this we just want to be able to show him how many people cared about him and how much support there was for him,” Sershon said.