SAN DIEGO — Beachgoers are worried after a second person had trouble in the water at one San Diego beach.

Lifeguards rescued a 12-year-old boy from a non-fatal drowning Tuesday at Mission Beach after an 18-year-old man was swept away to sea last month.

“So scary,” beachgoer Amy Bass said. “We were walking down with my husband and sister-in-law. I have kids, so when I heard that it was a child, I got pretty upset.”

Lifeguards say the boy’s family was enjoying a beach day, when the 12-year-old went into waist-deep water and dove through a wave, but he did not resurface.

“Definitely going to be more careful with my kids. The lifeguards are very good about letting people know about the rip currents, but my kids don’t go out very far. But it’s pretty dangerous right now,” Bass said.

A lawyer representing the family of the man swept away from Mission Beach last month says Tuesday’s incident hits close to home.

“It’s been a month now since Woodlaine Zachee has gone missing, and part of the reason we were speaking out was to have the city investigate what happened to Zachee and also to give everyone an understanding of how we could prevent something like this from happening again,” attorney Evan Walker said.

Lifeguards say family members of the 12-year-old spotted him face down in the water. They dragged the child onto the beach as guards rushed in to start CPR.

“Always swim near a lifeguard, and if your family members with kids around, always be vigilant. Always watch out because in this circumstance, it paid off immensely for that family,” Lt. Rick Stell with San Diego Lifeguards said.

First responders say the boy’s pulse was regained and he started breathing again in the ambulance.

“Just be very careful and watch your kids closely and definitely listen to the lifeguards,” Bass said.

Lifeguards say the Zachee has not been found but they continue searches as part of their daily patrols.

They also say they conduct thousands of rescues. Just this past Fourth of July, they conducted more than 500 rescues across city beaches.