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SAN DIEGO — San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer and other city leaders Tuesday outlined steps to keep grocery shopping safe and sanitary during the coronavirus pandemic.

The mayor was joined by local United Food and Commercial Workers Union 135 President Todd Walters as they gave reminders for both shoppers and grocery workers to keep each other safe.

“I’ve had many workers reach out to me in the last two weeks that the stores are being overcrowded and there is no way they can socially distance themselves. This has to stop,” said Walters.

You’ve heard it countless times by now, but that 6-foot social distancing should apply everywhere during this time. That means while you’re in line outside the grocery store and once you get inside as well.

“Don’t take your whole family to the store. Keep it to as few shoppers as possible,” Faulconer said.

County officials announced Monday three grocery store employees contracted COVID-19, highlighting just how important all of these precautions are.

Grocery store employees are being told to wash their hands and work stations every 30 minutes and limit the amount of shoppers inside the store.

Stores are seeing a surge in demand for food and products, but rest assured the supply chain and distribution of these products remains strong. There’s no need to hoard or overbuy products.

“I am encouraging San Diegans to shop for only what you need. There is plenty to go around,” Faulconer said.

The grocery union is now urging all grocery stores to follow the same safety standards and limit their hours to 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Another thing being suggested to limit contact between workers and customers is don’t pay with cash, stick to a card or a quick pay option on your phone.