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SAN DIEGO — More than 100 active duty and retired warriors received suits and business attire on Thursday to help them transition from military to civilian life.

The ‘Dress for Success’ event provided a “hand up” by arming our active duty and retired military with a fresh uniform while encouraging them. It also hands them the tools to succeed as they transition into civilian life. 

More than 100 transitioning military members packed the Men’s Warehouse in Mission Valley Thursday.

For 17 years, the Warrior Foundation Freedom Station has helped members of our military with more than $500,000 in business attire to help them transition and establish new careers.

“When a Marine loses his uniform because he can’t stay in the military anymore, there’s a medical reason and they’re being medically retired, it really is kind of a kick to the person — there persona,” said Sandy Lehmkuhler, CEO and Founder the Warrior Foundation Freedom Station. “…So we are going to deck them out in the most beautiful suits that we can get them in and give them a new uniform to go out and transition into their new life.”

“If you give them a new suit you give them a sense of purpose you give them dignity,” Lehmkuhler continued.

Junior Rodriguez, Executive Assistant to the Warrior Foundation Freedom Station, knows exactly what it’s like.

“Just putting on a different uniform makes a world of difference,” he said. “Just the way the person reacts to a new shirt, new tie, new pants, — it gives you a feeling of, it’s incredible.”

In addition to their new clothes, each warrior gets a professional photo headshot taken in their new apparel to use for their résumé and other career services with LinkedIn.