SAN DIEGO — Close to 100 war veterans arrived to the San Diego International Airport before dawn on Friday.

Honor Flight San Diego is back at it again, chartering a flight for veterans so that they can see the memorials built in their honor.

On the flight are 90 World War II, Korean and Vietnam veterans.

“There are a couple veterans that served in all three wars,” said Holly Shaffner, Public Relations Director for Honor Flight San Diego.

They’re all getting a VIP experience on the way.

On this flight, for the first time, are two veteran nurses.

Jean Wright served as a Lieutenant Colonel for the Air Force Nurse Corps.

“I’m going back to see all the monuments. I’ve seen only in pictures and being a female military, they’re going to take us to the Women’s Military Museum,” said Wright. “I’m a charter member there. My picture and my bio is in that museum.”

She went on to say, “The highest rank that a woman could go in my era was to colonel and that would be the chief of the Air Force Nurse Corps. And now to see women able to attain the rank of general is heartwarming for me.”

It’ll be an emotional experience for all, but even more so perhaps for Vietnam veteran Willie Sisneros.

“I don’t know how I’m going to feel on our way back because when we got home, we got spit on and I hope this group finally sees…everybody knows that they are not going to get spit on this time. So I’m probably gonna break down and cry. I certainly will and probably most of these guys will too,” said Sisneros.

Honor Flight San Diego returns Sunday. There will be a big homecoming celebration at the airport that will be open to the public.