SAN DIEGO — Homeless advocates say they are encouraged after the Mayor’s State of The City Address focused on tackling homelessness. 

Now, advocates need the public’s help to count how many homeless are living on the streets. Volunteers are needed for the “Point in Time” homeless count that is coming up in just two weeks.

Organizers say they need your help to get the proper funding to tackle the problem.

“We’re turning the old central library downtown into a shelter,” Mayor Todd Gloria said.

At the State of the City, Gloria touted the major steps the city has taken to help San Diegans on the streets.

“The State of the City I think is a great time to really focus on things that matter to all of us and I was really happy to hear from the mayor, the importance of ‘housing ends homelessness,” said Tamera Kohler with the Regional Task Force on Homelessness.

That’s why advocates are asking for your help to join them in 2023 “Point in Time” homeless count in two weeks. The count will help determine federal and state funding.

“I’m asking that everybody can make time to come out that morning, bring some coffee and we’ll have a great time,” said Levi Giafaglione who was formerly homeless. “We really need you to help us count these people.”

Giafaglione was a volunteer for the count even while he was homeless. He is now off the streets and trying to help others do the same.

“I was one of those people who used to always think about the stereotypes and the negative things that about homeless people until it happened to me and I realized how much of it was financial and the environment that we’re living in,” Giofaglione said.

The task force says it is still short a couple hundred volunteers specifically in North County.They need more volunteers to get an accurate count.

“The more people, the more eyes on it. It’s critical to get in every canyon, every riverbed and every community,” Kohler said.

The count will happen in the early morning hours of Thursday, Jan. 26.