VISTA, Calif. — Vista’s “Toy Man” has marked his 34th consecutive year donating food, toys and clothes to those in need in San Diego.

Jeffrey Olsen is more commonly known as the “Toy Man.”

“Back in 1991, I got a nickname that followed me, that was the “Toy Man” and that’s how people know me,” he said.

“For 34 years I’ve served 57,263 people,” Olsen added. That number continues to grow.

“This is 569 clothes and toys that I purchased,” Olsen said while pointing at his shed full of toys.

Olsen said he spends his own money throughout the year, waiting for sales and deals, and stocks his shed with toys and clothes throughout the year. Every year by December, the shed is full and ready to go help those in need.

This week, the 569 items are headed to the Women’s Resource Center and YMCA Armed Services.

Since Olsen has been doing this for more than three decades, he has the deals down to a science.

“Jackets, its usually around May or June they have a good price,” Olsen added.

Olsen said helping those in need and seeing the happiness on kids faces is rewarding. He also wants to encourage others to help those in need, especially as Giving Tuesday approaches ahead of the holiday season.

“You have a lot of people out there that are able to help these unfortunate people,” Olsen said. “We need more people who want to help others.”

Olsen is also set to be the Grand Marshal at the 64th Annual Vista Christmas Parade! The theme this year is “A Toy Stories Christmas,” which is quite fitting for the “Toy Man.”