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OCEANSIDE, Calif. – School leaders with the Vista Unified School District Tuesday voted unanimously to temporarily close Mission Vista High School after the school reported two positive COVID-19 tests.

The closure comes after the Board of Education approved a new threshold model for schools to return to distance learning after multiple positive virus tests. Mission Vista will remain closed for the remainder of a quarantine period, which already has begun for some students and staff.

Families were notified of the decision Wednesday, according to the board, and the tentative date for resuming in person classes was set for Nov. 9.

The district began its year Sept. 8 in a distance format with a small amount of students in-person before becoming one of the first local districts to fully reopen campuses last week.

“The general aspects of the threshold model are two COVID positives at a school would trigger the school to go back to Vista virtual,” Superintendent Matt Doyle said.

Under the new model, if three schools at the secondary level record one positive case apiece, those schools also would shift back to online for two weeks,” Doyle said.

As of Tuesday, Vista Unified has reported six positive virus tests among students and staff since in-person learning resumed Oct. 20, a district dashboard shows. Other than Mission Vista, schools to have positive tests include Alta Vista High School, Roosevelt Middle School, Mission Meadows Elementary and Alamosa Park Elementary.

The district said it will continue to monitor reopening plans for all grade levels and reassess as needed, but as of now, the current changes will only apply to secondary levels.