VISTA, Calif. — The City of Vista has unanimously passed a new ordinance to fine skaters $3,400 if they have a backyard ramp over 6 feet tall.

The fee is for a permit regulated by the city. The ordinance was passed as residents complained of ramps making a lot of noise.

Skating will also be curtailed from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Skaters have claimed Vista and put it on the world map by creating the mega ramps in Vista and developing the best skaters in the world.

X Games Skateboarding Champion Danny Way believes without the Vista skate ramp scene there would be no skateboarding in the Olympics.

“It’s funny how that’s happened. You have cops now pull up and they’re ‘oh yeah I’ve seen you at the X Games! You’re the guy that won the big air contest.’ I’m like 10 years ago you would have taken my board and arrested me,” Way said.

The ordinance has been met by non-skating residents with mixed reactions.

“I think it’s a great idea. People like to have peace in their homes and people like to skate so it’s a good middle ground,” said Jen Prelamin a local resident.

“The noise has not bothered me in the least, it’s not all day long,” said Elizabeth Shahbazi the next-door neighbor of a full vert ramp. 

“That’s why I moved to Vista before because there were no codes or any regulations to have a vert ramp. Now because of the neighbors complaining they are coming up with a new code. I will have to apply for a permit and after that, we’re good to go,” said Evandro Mancha Menezes a pro-skater with a vert ramp in his backyard.

Owners of large vert ramps will have 12 months to apply for a permit before being charged $3,400.

Some skaters are trying to get their ramps grandfathered into the city code because they have been around so long.