VISTA, Calif. — Vista residents living along one street where the speed limit is 25 miles per hour want the city’s attention after yet another collision on the street, with speed as a factor.

“You could tell the person was speeding and you heard a screeching sound, crash and boom,” Yvette Yousif said.

Residents say speeding along Copper Drive is a constant issue, with drivers going too fast both up and down the large hill.

“You never know if the next one is going to be worse than the last, so sometimes I don’t really know what I’m running to, but I get up and I run,” Amanda Symons said.

Symons is a nurse, and says she’s rushed out to help three different times when she hears that same familiar noise of a crash.

“I think the crash that happened on Monday was the final straw,” Katrina Jones said.

Jones says she tried reaching out to the city of Vista after her car was hit and totaled in the same spot as Monday’s incident, earlier this year.

A statement from the Vista acknowledges resident concerns and says the city is aware of three accidents on Copper Drive in the past five years.

Jones and other neighbors say that number isn’t accurate.

“Maybe three reported, but we have definitely had more than three accidents in the past five years that I’ve lived here,” Jones said.

The city goes on to tell FOX 5 it has received requests from residents in the area for speed humps, the requests are being evaluated and results are expected within a couple weeks.

Residents say they are worried for their safety even walking in the area, but are cautiously optimistic about the city’s response.

“I feel like they are starting to hear us out some more because it’s not just one voice being heard, it’s multiple people being heard,” Yousif said.

Those living in the area are hoping action is taken before any other crashes happen on the street.

“Peoples’ lives are at risk it’s not just a car you can replace. You can’t replace a human being,” Jones said.

FOX 5 has asked the city for an update after the evaluation for speed humps in the area is complete.