VISTA, Calif. — Just one week after residents raised the alarm over speeding concerns and frequent collisions on one Vista street, another crash occurred Thursday morning.

“Looked out the window, and there it was. Just a car straight into the side of a parked vehicle,” said Katrina Jones, who lives along Copper Drive. 

Jones says a white car caused severe damage to one parked vehicle and clipped two others. The crashes have caused her to become closer with other neighbors, also searching for more safety measures to be taken in the area.

“Pretty much broadened our whole neighborhood outreach. I’ve met a lot of people that I wasn’t expecting to meet unfortunately in a weird, kind of not a good way, but it has definitely brought the community together,” Jones said. 

Jones had already been working with other neighbors along Copper Drive to reach out to the city of Vista and find a long-term solution. The latest incident got the attention of Councilmember Katie Melendez.

“They’re doing their part to raise this conversation forward so that they can make a difference,” Melendez said.

Melendez walked neighbors through a recently approved traffic initiative she brought before city council back in June. It allows for residents to initiate a petition process to bring speed humps and other traffic calming devices onto streets of concern.

The city already completed initial evaluation of Copper Drive and now neighbors are working on going door to door, gathering signatures of support for speed humps along the street.

Jones, whose car was totaled earlier this year along the same street, feels the fight is not just personal. It is also for the safety of everyone around her.

“I’m invested in it, I want to see change, and it’s been a while since I’ve been this passionate about something,” Jones said.

The petition needs 51% signatures of support from neighbors who live closest to where the biggest area of concern is on Copper Drive. Once that happens, the next step would be getting the issue in front of the Vista traffic commission, or possibly straight to city council.