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SAN DIEGO – San Diego elected officials are responding after a violent weekend.

According to officials, gun violence is on the rise and police are reporting a major spike in untraceable gun kits– also known as “ghost guns.” Now, Mayor Todd Gloria says these homemade guns are being found at shootings all over the city.

“Ghost guns — these unlicensed and unregistered guns that are on our streets — frequently, those are what we find when we show up on the scene of these kinds of incidents,” said Mayor Gloria Monday afternoon.

Mayor Gloria’s comments come as U.S. President Joe Biden announced measures to crack down on “ghost guns” in communities across the country. Following the president’s announcements, other San Diego officials released statements, applauding the measures.

“Today’s long-awaited rule change is a critical step in curbing the shocking rise in gun violence in our country, much of it fueled by the proliferation of ghost guns,” said San Diego City Councilwoman Marni von Wilpert.

San Diego County Board of Supervisors chair Nathan Fletcher also commented on the new actions taken by the White House, applauding President Biden.

“President Biden’s administration recognizes the devastating effect ghost guns are having on local communities. I’m pleased they are taking action to better regulate the buy and build gun kits,” said Fletcher.

Mayor Gloria says that in regard to crime in San Diego, COVID has also played a part in the rise of violent crime with low-level offenders being granted no bail releases because of the pandemic. Keeping suspected criminals bound while waiting for trial was put on hold with rising cases of the virus being spread through the jails.

“We have to reinstitute bail — reopen our jails fully. COVID is under control,” Mayor Gloria.

The San Diego Police Department is also strained as some officers left their positions over the department’s vaccine mandate.

“We are over 1900 officers we would like to get over 2000, but the good news is our last two police academies are full,” said Mayor Gloria.