SAN DIEGO — Rabbi Michael Leo Samuel led the vigil Thursday evening at Temple Beth Shalom. A small group gathered there in support of Israel and peace.

“We all have to step up to the plate and show solidarity and let people know that they’re not alone in their time of suffering,” Rabbi Samuel said. “The purpose here of our get together is to show solidarity and support and offer our condolences and prayers for peace.”

The culturally diverse congregation welcomed speakers to share thoughts and experiences during the vigil.

“We have a lot of hate going on right now, we have to turn that around and turn that hate into peace,” said Sandra Scheller, a longtime member of the synagogue.

Leaders of different faiths, as well as Chula Vista community members, including the mayor, gathered in solidarity at the peace vigil.

“It’s important for us to walk away feeling like we’re part of the human family,” Rabbi Samuel said.