ENCINITAS, Calif. — A burglar was able to get away with thousands of dollars worth of clothes, jewelry and shoes after a boutique in Encinitas was broken into over the weekend, the store owner said.

The owner of Wish Boutique, Robyn Amory, shared security footage of the alleged break-in, showing someone wearing a mask and what appears to be a blonde wig, with darker hair sticking out of the back of a beanie.

Amory said the boutique was closed over the weekend while new locks were put in, which is her busiest time. She said she’s been open at the location in Encinitas for two years and said she hasn’t been burglarized before, but now, there is an uneasy feeling.

Before opening the store Saturday morning, she says she got a notice on her phone that her security cameras detected motion and were recording around 4 a.m. Saturday. Amory said the loud alarm she had installed didn’t go off, but isn’t sure why. Footage shows someone inside with a flashlight stealing items.

Amory said she got to the store around 10 a.m. Saturday and found the lock had been broke out and hangers were lying outside of the store. She said she called San Diego County Sheriff’s Department and they took a report of the incident.

She said shelves and tables of merchandise were cleared off, but the burglar didn’t take everything.

“All in all, we lost about $4,000-4,500 worth of merchandise that day,” Amory said. “They took the register, they didn’t take the iPad. I was in shock and I was angry because I’m a single mom, this is my income. It’s violating that someone was in here walking around and helping themselves to my stuff.”

The security camera footage Amory shared shows the person cleared off a display table and went around the store again, shined a flashlight at the security camera and took off with a display full of bracelets. According to the footage, she believes the burglar was inside for at least three minutes.

She said it appeared the person took their time because a dress was taken off a mannequin as well.

“It would be easier to understand if he grabbed everything. That fact that he seemed to be picking and choosing then taking all the shorts, I’m uneasy, I don’t want to be here alone,” she said.

Frequent shoppers stopped in the boutique Tuesday to check in with Amory after hearing about the break-in.

“My heart is broken, I am so sorry for you,” shopper Alison Grant said to Amory. “It’s sad but you’re going to be okay. Just knowing how much love and dedication goes into the store and from people who shop here, I was just devastated.”

Grant added that there are a lot of kids in the area, including a dance studio, and said she will now be more cautious.

“This shopping center specifically has a dance studio with young kids running around,” Amory said. “This is very safe, I let our kids run around from shop to shop and it’s alarming.”

Robyn Amory added that having a small business is very difficult amid the pandemic and the economy, and said a burglary makes it harder.

Amory said she plans to invest more heavily in her security system.

Next door to Wish Boutique is The Craftsman, a popular restaurant. The General Manager of The Craftsman said his restaurant was burglarized just two months ago as well.