SAN DIEGO — Video obtained by FOX 5 shows more than a dozen migrants jumping onto Mission Beach from a boat that had been driven ashore on Wednesday.

Officials called this a mass migration effort. San Diego County Supervisor Joel Anderson said the county is preparing for more of efforts like this to happen, along with more migrant drop-offs when shelters are full, because Title 42 is expected to end soon.

Officials said five Mexican national men were detained. FOX 5 asked an immigration and criminal defense attorney what happens to them now.

“Those migrants could possibly face prosecution for illegal entry or they could just be detained by ICE if they claim a fear of return, in the sense that they are applying for asylum, they will generally be given the opportunity to present their claim although they could be detained waiting for that interview to take place,” Andrew Nietor told FOX 5. “A lot of the individuals that come here by boat they are migrants who have been waiting a long the border, a lot of times they are preyed on by smugglers and they might not necessarily know that they are about to be put on a boat and brought to the beach in San Diego.”

This migration attempt comes as Title 42 is expected to end soon, which means U.S. officials can no longer deny entry to migrants and asylum seekers because of public health, a practice that was put into place because of COVID-19.

Anderson said the county has been asking for more help from the federal government.

“We want to do it but we have limited resources. We are just one little county bearing the burden of a nations policy on the border,” Anderson said. “The federal government should step up, set up tents, get FEMA out here.”

Before the migration effort in Mission Beach Wednesday, agents from the U.S. Border Patrol said they found 17 abandoned life vests aboard a panga on a Carlsbad beach.