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OCEANSIDE, Calif. — A fisherman hooked a 9-foot white shark just off the Oceanside Pier Sunday in what experts called an off-season sighting for the area.

Video from Oceanside lifeguards shows the shark caught on the fisherman’s line before he freed it before noon Sunday. The sighting led lifeguards to post warning signs and alert surfers and swimmers in the area.

“Kind of an off-season sighting for this particular region,” said Dr. Lyall Bellquist, a Scripps marine biologist. “Usually, we see high number of juveniles and sub adults in the summer months.”

The shark spotted Sunday was the second sighting of a great white shark in three days. Lifeguards put up warning signs in Carlsbad Saturday after a shark was seen at Tamarack State Beach.

Experts say a 9-foot white shark is on the border of concern.

“The 5- to 8-foot range, those are focused more on feeding near shore. Fishes they really like to eat are bat rays and sting rays,” Bellquist said.

Shark warning signs have now been taken down after the 24-hour alert period maintained by lifeguards. They said no aggressive behavior was witnessed during the sightings.