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EL CAJON, Calif. –- The video of a Grossmont Union High School District campus supervisor breaking up a fight between two students this week is now under investigation.

A screenshot of the fight video shows the Valhalla High School employee, who was placed on paid administrative leave, with his knee placed on the teenage girl’s neck.

“Why would somebody have their knee on a face and neck of a young Black student,” parent and activist Tasha Williamson said. “It outrages us to know that we had a George Floyd, Angel Hernandez, and many, many.”

The Grossmont Union High School District says they are aware of the images captured from Tuesday’s events that have begun to circulate social media.

In a recorded video statement from Superintendent Theresa Kemper, she said, “In light of the events that have taken place in America over the last two years, it’s completely understandable that students and members of our school community are upset.” 

The officer in the video is seen trying to intervene between the two girls, holding one down as she continues to fight the campus supervisor.

“They do not train in any methods, of putting someone’s knee on the face or neck of anyone’s body, an adult or a child, and we don’t think that should have happened here,” Williamson said.  

Retired San Diego District Attorney Cameron Gary says he has broken up many fights in the past and after watching the video, he says the supervisor did the best he could to separate the two students.  

“It is never pristine, it is never clean, it is never what people would think, ‘OK, you guys go here, you go there,’ you are in there and you might get hit yourself,” said Gary.

The district says they do not have a timeline on when the investigation would be concluded.