SAN DIEGO — Local florists are gearing up for their busiest day of the entire year.

“Valentine’s Day get’s pretty chaotic,” Mackenzie Benson, co-owner of Crozier’s Flowers said. “Today the phones have been going off the hook, because guys kind of realized oh now that I’m done planning a party, I can focus on flowers for my girl.”

Benson said their business more than triples on Valentine’s Day.

FOX 5 caught the last online order of Valentine’s flowers leaving Melano and Company’s warehouse and flower farm in Oceanside. The shipment left at 1 p.m. Monday, ready to get on a plane and be delivered all across the nation.

Michelle Castellano, owner and partner of Melano and Company and Melano Farmstand in Oceanside, said their busiest seasons are Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Christmas.

“Mother’s Day and Christmas is more of a season, it can be spread out, but Valentine’s Day is February 14, so we have to be very efficient,” Castellano said.

While Melano and Company in Oceanside are dwindling down after their busy Valentine’s season, Crozier’s is just getting into their busiest day of the season, which is February 14.

“Last year we were here until 9 p.m. at night,” said Benson about Valentine’s in 2022.

Your Valentine’s flowers could cost you a little bit more this year.

The National Retail Federation estimates a majority of people plan to spend an average of $192, which is up from the average of $175 spent on flowers for Valentine’s Day in 2022.

Both Crozier’s Flowers and Melano and Company are seeing people spend more on flowers this year, but likely because of inflation.

“Things definitely cost more, we had to raise some of our prices and that was hard for our customers who have been coming here for 50 years,” Benson said.

According to the National Retail Federation, the highest Valentine’s Day spending on record was in 2020 when a majority of people spent an average of $196 on each other.