SAN DIEGO — Holiday shipping is ramping up for San Diego County and deadlines to ship are fast approaching. FOX 5 took a tour of the San Diego U.S. Postal Service Processing Facility for a behind the scenes look of the process.

“This is a gift to my daughter in law, it’s matching pajamas that her baby is wearing,” said USPS customer Rose Fowler.

“It’s a Hannukah gift,” said another USPS customer, Janice Blanton.

Up to 10 million pieces of mail and holiday packages are leaving San Diego each day on their way across the country and the world.

“It’s going to the Virgin Islands,” said Fowler.

Blanton said she is shipping a package for her daughter that will go to Opequon, Virginia.

Inside the San Diego U.S. Postal Service Processing Facility in Carmel Mountain Ranch, mail handlers are working through piles of mail, organizing crowded assemble lines of packages.

Handlers work 24/7, doing various roles such as sorting mail, correcting them, plus moving them from one spot to the next before it gets delivered to the receiver.

“They may have made the purchases but now as far as shipping, they need to start thinking about that right now,” said Warren Burton, the in-plant support manager at the San Diego USPS processing facility.

Burton said people need to keep these dates in mind for on time Christmas delivery:

-Dec. 17 for first class shipping;

-Dec. 19 for Priority Mail 2–3-day shipping;

-Dec. 23 for Priority Mail Express. Pricing increases, respectively.

Burton said, “We take it very seriously because we are providing a vital service to the public, in addition to grandma’s cookies going to some place and the teddy bear being shipped out.”

“A lot more orders come in during this time so it’s just a little more hectic,” explained USPS customer and Etsy business owner, Taho Bui.

Timing plus communication can help with a smooth holiday delivery. Bui designs and sells vinyl cups on Etsy. Bui said she recommends customers talk with their seller.

“We are real people behind it and we definitely like talking to other people, and it helps to know when you should expect your shipping by in case it’s not coming in on time,” Bui said.

Burton also advised people to securely wrap your packages, so that the contents do not fall out or shift while being delivered.