SAN DIEGO – A Ukrainian family who fled the war is struggling to find a place to call home. 

The Korshynkyi family came to the United States through Tijuana in April with the help of Lily of Valley Church, a Russian-speaking church in San Marcos.   

The family plans to settle in North County, as the father of the family, Vladyslav, is working as a mechanic in Oceanside, with his humanitarian parole status – a job he had in Ukraine.  

The family is now struggling to find a place to rent, which realtor Moses Maximov, says is due to the competitive housing market in San Diego.  

“They are new to the country, they are trying to make first steps, in this country and it’s been just challenging to apply over and over again to get an approval from the landlord,” said Maximov.  

Maximov, says they have applied to several places but have been denied and thinks part of the challenge is that the family has no credit history.  

The family was connected to a Tatiana Nikolskaya, who has offered to co-sign the lease and pay for a years’ worth of rent to help the Korshynkyi family get on their feet.  

“I was extremely disappointed, sad, depressed that my country started this war,” said Nikolskaya. 

 Right now Nikolskaya, is housing them while they find a more permanent stay in North County, but says so far has been difficult for them.   

“We hope that this help us find the place for these wonderful people,” said Nikolskaya.  

If you would like to help the family find a home to rent, contact: