SAN DIEGO — The International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin for war crimes against Ukrainian children.

Local Ukrainian San Diegans say this move is a major help in the fight.

Ukrainian Americans with the House of Ukraine say this is a historic move they hope will make Putin pay.

It’s been one year since Russia invaded Ukraine and Ukrainian Americans in San Diego say they won’t give up the fight.

“We’re still standing,” said Mira Rubin with House of Ukraine. “Ukraine is still fighting and Ukraine is resisting and Ukraine will win.”

Rubin is even more determined after the International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for Putin for the war crime of unlawfully deporting Ukrainian children to Russia.

“123 countries a part of this International Criminal Court and what this is, this is the first step towards the international war tribunal where Putin and his regime will pay for the war crimes one day,” Rubin said.

Other local San Diegans are also continuing their fight for Ukraine.

“We’re there to support first responders,” San Diego firefighter Eric Hille said. “Every day firefighters and ambulance worker and even law enforcement that are just stuck in a war zone. They are forgotten in this war.”

Hille founded Project Joint Guard—a group of volunteer firefighters donating their skills and supplies to help Ukrainian firefighters. They continue to launch support missions. 

“Our goal is to do four more missions and try to send again another 45 pallets of cargo of fire rescue equipment and medical supplies to help support our fellow first responders,” Hille said.

Both don’t want anyone to forget about Ukraine.

“I know the fatigue has set in,” Rubin said. “People have moved on with their lives but unfortunately Ukrainians can not move on with their lives.”

Project Joint Guardian is raising funds and collecting donations at

House of Ukraine will hold a rally and festival at Balboa Park starting at noon Saturday dedicated to the children of Ukraine.