SAN DIEGO — A flight from London carrying passengers from all over the British Isles Thursday announced the passing of her majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Arriving in San Diego the passengers were shocked by the news.

“I had a big gasp and then there was silence from everyone,” said one passenger as she passed through the doors of the airport.

Others were emotionally moved by the loss of the British head of state. 

“Drove through the village I grew up in and the car slowed down and she waived at us and, of course, that is an incredibly strong memory from when I was 7 or 8 years old,” said Robert Llewellyen, an English citizen visiting on business.

Even Irish and Scottish citizens who are not supporters of the monarchy were circumspect about the loss of such a fixture in their lives.

“For what she’s done over her reign, she’s been fantastic: the countries that she’s done, the prime ministers she’s overseen as well,” said Daniel Miles, an Irish Citizen.

Queen Elizabeth II ruled for 70 years and 214 days, which was the longest ruling monarch in English history.