SAN DIEGO — A couple from the U.K. is searching for a stuffed giraffe they lost Monday after riding the Skyfari gondola at the San Diego Zoo.

Mike and Carron Blakesley said their long-time travel companion, “Ginger the Giraffe,” missed his stop on the popular amusement park ride this week during their third visit to San Diego.

The stuffed animal was adopted by the couple during their honeymoon back in 2016 when they first visited the zoo. The soft toy giraffe was gifted to Carron by her husband.

Since then, the couple says “Ginger” has accompanied them on their many travels over the years, including their stays in America’s Finest City.

“Ginger the Giraffe” is seen peering out the window of an airplane. (Photo: Mike and Carron Blakesley)

Mike says he asked Carron to take “Ginger” out of her bag for a photo on Monday and forgot to give him back, so he stayed on the Skyfari gondola as they exited. After realizing their beloved giraffe was missing about 30 minutes later, the couple reported the missing stuffed animal to the zoo’s customer services.

“We were quite sad when we went back to the hotel that night,” said Mike.

Now, eight years after welcoming “Ginger” into their family, the couple is asking for the public’s help in finding their plush friend before they make the trek home to Peterborough. They are hoping that anyone who may have found the stuffed giraffe on Monday will turn it over to the zoo’s customer services.

In the meantime, San Diego Zoo asked FOX 5 to deliver a a special gift to the couple who joined the news team in-studio Wednesday morning. Although they are hoping that “Ginger” finds his way back to the couple, the zoo gifted them with a replica stuffed giraffe along with some additional toy friends.

“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you have done,” said the Blakesleys. “It is always said we — the UK — and the USA have a special bond and this goes to prove it.”