SAN DIEGO — University of California, San Diego students participated in the National School Walkout to voice their concerns, days after the country witnessed another mass shooting.

“No more silence” was heard across the UCSD campus Wednesday afternoon. Students like Daniel Soria walked out of class to spread awareness about gun violence.

“Why? Because my parents are teachers. I grew up in a household of educators and I’ve seen first-hand how the impact of gun violence has changed the educational scope,” Soria said.

He was one of several participating in the National School Walkout. Students told FOX5 although the school does their best to keep everyone safe, the concern is constantly on their mind. 

“You always hear about gun violence in the U.S., so it does kind of feel like what if that does happen here,” UCSD student Hope Morihara said.

“I’ve definitely had active shooter drills as many other students have had especially in high school, but also going into college, and I think that’s a very scary dystopian reality that we live in,” student Sparky Mitra said.

The group rallied outside the school library, then marched around campus claiming gun violence is preventable.

Michael A. Schwartz, director of the San Diego County Gun Owners PAC, told FOX5 school walkouts don’t stop gun violence.

The organization is focused on expanding and restoring second amendment rights. Schwartz says students should focus on things like getting to the root cause. 

“Why do people choose to become career criminals, why are there so many mental health issues that go untreated that lead to things like mass random mass shootings and suicides,” Schwartz added.

There have been 130 mass shootings this year, according to the nonprofit research group Gun Violence Archive. A cold reality Soria says will keep him speaking out.

“I think whenever the opportunity arises, I will be here,” Soria said.