UCSD releases reopening plan


SAN DIEGO — UC San Diego recently released its plans for fall quarter, with most of its classes being offered remotely or online.

The plan, which is meant to be flexible and is not set in stone, includes 70% of classes being held remotely or online. The other 30% of classes will be conducted in person. Those classes will be limited to fewer than 50 students each or 50% of classroom capacity, depending on whichever number is smaller.

For one senior, the thought of not returning to class is painful.

“That makes me kind of sad but I know that it’s necessary and important,” Helen Nguyen said.

Another concern for both future and current Tritons is the expectation of paying full tuition.

“It’s definitely something that I was kind of bummed out about,” Nguyen said. “I know students were pushing for a drop or refund.”

“I’m hoping we’ll get some sort of reduction because if you’re not getting the full experience, we’re not expected to pay the full fee,” said the Fola Akerele, the mother of an incoming freshman.

“It is a challenge and I understand what they’re saying but I think what they need to appreciate is a lot of the costs in education are fixed costs … the compensation of faculty has not changed, the staff compensation has not changed,” said UCSD chancellor Pradeep Khosla.

On-campus housing and dining facilities will remain open. All students living on campus will be expected to be screened for coronavirus symptoms daily and will be offered free testing.

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