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SAN DIEGO — The UC San Diego Blue Line Trolley to La Jolla and UTC Transit Center will officially open for service starting Nov. 21.

The 11-mile light rail extension was under construction for more than five years and cost more than $2 billion to complete. It will add nine new stations to the area, including Tecolote Road, Clairemont Drive, Balboa Avenue, Nobel Drive, VA Medical Center, UCSD Central Campus, UCSD Health La Jolla (Voight Drive), Executive Drive and UTC Transit Center.

“We want to see more infrastructure investment, but not just a dollar amount, we want to see things that touch people’s lives in a positive way,” San Diego County Board of Supervisors Chair Nathan Fletcher said.

The new line will impact commuters like Naomi Chavez, who works at Wetzels Pretzels and commutes from Paradise Hills.

“I actually drive and it takes about 30 minutes to get here, but gas is expensive,” she said. “It’s going up, so I do really like the idea of taking this.”

Her friend also commutes from the same area, but relies on bus service because gas is so expensive.

“She takes the bus and it takes two hours and we live in the same area,” Chavez said.

Once the new trolley line opens, they will be able to get from the South Bay community to University City in about 30 minutes and a one-way trolley pass will cost just $2.50.

“This is for us and this is going to help us regionwide to lower our carbon footprint, get people out of their cars,” National City Mayor Alejandra Sotelo-Solis said. “And its on time, on budget, what more could we ask for?”

Area leaders hope the extension will encourage residents to explore more neighborhoods.

“Now you can go to Old Town, you can go to National City, Chula Vista, all of the waterfronts, Imperial Beach,” Sotelo-Solis. “Go all the way down to San Ysidro. Hey, you know there’s a lot of cross border traffic now that the border is open for non-essentials.”

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