SAN DIEGO — With spooky season in full swing, two hotels in San Diego have been named to Yelp’s “Most Haunted Hotels in the U.S.” list.

The list was compiled by identifying businesses in the hotels category on Yelp with a high concentration of reviews mentioning relevant keywords indicating the hotel is haunted, the company said.

Oldtown’s Cosmopolitan Hotel and Restaurant came in at #3 on the list and the US Grant hotel, located in downtown San Diego, took the final spot at #25.

You can see the entire list of “haunted” hotels here.

Cosmopolitan Hotel and Restaurant

Located at 2660 Calhoun Street in the heart of Old Town, the historic hotel has long been rumored to be haunted, even appearing on an episode of “Ghost Adventures” in 2011.

“Nice old 1800’s hotel and restaurant. We loved everything about it. Great food, we ate there twice. The place is definitely haunted. Can’t wait to stay again,” said one Yelp reviewer.

“Oh and watch out for the haunted cat that may decide to cuddle up next to you. Enjoy your stay!!” said another reviewer.

The US Grant

You can find the US Grant hotel at 326 Broadway in downtown San Diego. As one of the oldest hotels in the downtown area, the US Grant has a history of being considered haunted.

Several Yelp reviewers said they experienced some kind of haunted happening. “I did feel like there was some haunted stuff happening and I don’t really believe in ghosts,” said one user.

“Since 1910 this place has been making tourist and locals alike feel comfortable and scared all at the same time, I’m not saying this place is haunted, but ask any hotel worker about, “Fanny Grant” and I’m sure they will have a story for you,” another Yelp reviewer said.