4S RANCH, Calif. — Hundreds of students in the Poway Unified School District are sick with flu-like symptoms.

County health officials say flu season is here and it is early.

Del Norte High School in 4S Ranch confirmed that nearly 400 students called out sick Tuesday and Wednesday.

“She came home pretty late at night and next day just feeling horrible,” Del Norte High School Parent Josh Long said. “Groggy, aches and pains all over the body. Just not wanting to get out of bed or anything, but yeah, just not feeling well.”

Josh Long says his daughter just celebrated her homecoming at Del Norte High School last week before she got hit with flu-like symptoms.

“We had her test and it showed negative on the COVID test,” Long said.

School officials say his daughter is not alone as close to 400 students called out with cold-and-flu-like symptoms. 

School officials say a small number of those cases (about 15) were also COVID cases.

“While this is preliminary, a number of them are testing positive for influenza A. Flu A is the harder hitter of the major types of flu we deal with annually,” County of San Diego Deputy Health Officer Dr. Cameron Kaiser said. 

The school released a statement saying in part:

“The symptoms are mostly fever, cough, and headache. We’ve been told that it’s flu season and affecting schools throughout all of San Diego County.”

This comes a day after health officials announced they are investigating another large outbreak at Patrick Henry High School, which saw about 700 students all out sick Tuesday following the school’s homecoming dance Saturday.

“We’re already up to over a thousand cases of flu just in October, which is a quarter of last year’s entire season of cases and 10% of the five-year average. Get your flu shot,” Dr. Kaiser said.

Long says his daughter did not get the flu shot, but after this, they both plan to get their flu shots.

Doctors urge you to get your flu shot as earlier as possible this season.