SAN DIEGO — Two San Diegans are now filing a class-action lawsuit against Southwest Airlines for its cancelation mess during the holidays. Their lawyer says the airline is liable for damages. 

This comes as several pieces of unclaimed luggage remain at San Diego International Airport from those Southwest cancelations, as well as some passengers saying their Southwest flights were canceled again Tuesday.

“I think it’s been such a major transportation disaster,” passenger Eliot Gomez said.

The two San Diegans filing suit against the airlines say that Southwest entered into travel contracts with passengers that it had no intention of fulfilling.

“We believe that we will prove that Southwest Airlines knew that they couldn’t fulfill the travel contracts and is blaming that failure on a false narrative—that being the weather,” lawyer Alexander Dychter said.

The attorney representing the clients say the airlines failed to staff flights and modernize it systems properly to ensure passengers made it to their destinations.

“My client, Mr. Youseff missed three days of work. Those are damages based upon Southwest’s failure to adequately staff their airline. So these are real harms,” Dychter said.

This passenger says her Southwest flight back home to Denver was canceled again Tuesday night.

“I’m actually not supposed to be here today. I was supposed to leave yesterday,” passenger Briauna Grant said.

Southwest Airlines released a statement saying in part:

“We have a long and proud 51-year history of delivering on our Customers’ expectations, and we are committed to the all-important imperative of taking care of them during operational disruptions. In fact, on December 28, we launched a website to assist Customers with requesting refunds and reimbursements, and those requests are being processed and issued.”

Click here for Southwest’s travel disruption information.

Southwest confirms its weather data service experienced a brief outage causing delays Tuesday night.

According to Flightaware, it had 13 cancelations and 136 delays.