SAN DIEGO — A set of twin sisters walked across the stage at the MiraCosta College Community Learning Center last week to receive their high school diplomas, decades after dropping out.

Carol Baker and Carolyn Baker-Lowery, who say they’ve done almost everything together for over 60 years, studied side-by-side to accomplish the shared goal.

According to MiraCosta College, schoolwork always came as a challenge for the twins who said they felt like “lost causes in the public high school system.”

After spending a short period at a continuation high school, they both became teen mothers and said they felt it best to enter the workforce instead of finishing high school.

Carol became a social worker while Carolyn pursued a career as an in-home childcare provider/preschool teacher, the college explained.

Carol says she found a reason to finish her education, 30 years after leaving high school. While volunteering at a local childcare development center, Carol says she wanted to take on more responsibilities, which encouraged her to seek schooling.

Prior to this decision, Carol was medically evaluated and diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia, which MiraCosta College says “armed her with a better understanding of her needs.”

Her pathway to education, “a personal success plan,” was then developed with the guidance of MiraCosta College disabled service counselors. Carol was able to utilize educational resources she had never had before.

According to MiraCosta College, Carol would spend hours on Zoom sessions with her professors until she understood a topic. With improvement class after class, her sister Carolyn says she took notice.

“At first I thought the girl had lost her mind, but then I couldn’t let her leave me behind,” Carolyn said. “I asked what I would need to do to get my diploma too.”

A new pact was formed by the sisters: graduate together in 2023. The twins aligned their coursework and set their sights on wearing their caps and gowns.

On Thursday, May 25, the pair walked the stage at the MiraCosta College Adult High School graduation ceremony and became graduates — together.