CHULA VISTA, Calif. – Recent storms have brought heavy wind and rain leading to damage all over the county, including in Chula Vista where trees came toppling down Wednesday.

Clean up crews were hard at work in the afternoon after a tree came down onto Apache Drive, temporarily blocking the street. It was the first of two trees to fall in the area within minutes.

“They saw that tree fall across the street and quickly brought the dogs inside. Within five minutes, this tree had crashed, so we were very thankful that they were inside the house and alive and well,” Heather Forbis said.

Forbis says neighbors frequently use the open space where the second, larger tree fell to walk their dogs. It’s also right next to her townhome.

“When we looked down and saw water rushing everywhere and our air conditioner was completely toppled over,” Forbis said.

The massive pine tree also fell onto two parked cars.

“I parked over there. I took two bags of groceries into the house and I set them down,” Butch Roberts said.

Roberts had just parked his car moments earlier. He says before going to get the rest of his groceries he stopped to get a drink of water.

“I sat down and was drinking it, and all of a sudden kaboom. What was that? I come out there’s a tree laying on my car,” Roberts said.

Though it’s unclear the official cause for the fallen trees, both neighbors say it had been a very wet and windy few days in Chula Vista.

“These trees are falling down right and left around here now all of a sudden,” Roberts said.

The city crews cleared the tree from Apache Road so that is back open to traffic, but since the second tree fell on private property, it’s being handled by the association’s landscapers.